Friday, August 28, 2015


Let it go...
I came across this picture on the internet two days ago, and it has pierced my heart ever since. Have you ever held on to something or someone for so long you haven't even noticed how heavy the burden has become? How long is too long? How much more can you carry, before breaking? As human beings, we try to work things out on our own as much as possible. Maybe a pride thing so we can say we can handle it and not seem like we've lost control (control freaks maybe lol). But there comes a point in our lives, where things are really out of our control and its simply best to let go and let things pan out on their own. Reality is, if its sucking the life out of you, is it really worth hanging on to? Could there be more or better if you simply let go? You will never know whats next or on the other side until you can move past your current situation. I'm seriously talking to myself here, for far too long I have tried to hang on to my comfort zone. I mean who doesnt like being comfortable? But as much as I've enjoyed being comfortable, there is this sense of dissatisfaction. As if there is more for me out there... So without risk, there is no great reward or fail. But if I fail, I will have learned a great lesson on what not to do and try again. As the saying goes... "Do what you always do, and you will get what you've always gotten". With this new season coming, I will be trying my best to let go of the old, break some barriers, and try try again. Is there anything that you have been holding on to, that could possibly be holding you back or weighing you down? Could there be more for you? 

These are just my thoughts...But... 

~Freckled Marie

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