Tuesday, August 9, 2016

   In a Funk?

It's been a while peeps, almost a full year! But, lets jump right into it. This past year has been good, full of fun, some goals met, changes made, growth and some exciting things pending, etc. But what I want to talk about today is NEGATIVITY. I've dealt with a lot of mental negativity this year and mostly my own doing. I've let different sources influence my way of thinking...

          Gossip- the he said, she said or the "I heard's"
          Social Media (the worst)- there is so much negativity here I cant even begin!
          Music- all of a sudden i'm hood lol (I got a little in me tho)
          TV- There's plenty here too that can really adjust your way of thinking: be it in marriages,                           parenting, what defines you as successful, how you should be living life and more...
          Work- The constant complaining (that eventually rubs off on you), bickering, foul language                            (used so regularly that you are now bringing it home)
Negativity is literally everywhere!!! And its hard not to feed into it.

Overall I'm a pretty neutral and happy person. But all the negativity was starting to weigh me down and causing me to have a not so pleasant attitude along with a negative outlook on pretty much everything. It was also starting to rub off on to those that are around me all the time. The more negativity I fed into my life, the more unhappy I became. I was not a fan of who I was becoming and I'm usually always my biggest fan :)

So.... I made some changes...

I cut back on my social media use, started listening to positive music, barely watch TV and try to tune out as much negativity as I can. Along with praying about a lot that I usually try to handle myself and now I am trusting God with. This has made a huge difference for me!!!!

We have control of who or what we feed from... and if you're in a funk or struggling with negativity ask yourself what or who is influencing your life? Whatever is taking up most of your time is probably your answer.

I'm no philosopher and in no way am I trying to tell anyone what to do. I'm just using this blog to speak about my personal life experiences and what has worked for me. This is my way of being transparent...

Till next time ♥

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