Thursday, August 18, 2016


Is it too late to chase your dreams? Too late to try new things? Too late to change? 

My friends & family know I am usually always up to something... I love trying new things, going to different places, and just exploring my options... 

This blog, was actually a big step for me, a new "something" & I'm happy I tried it. I actually love to write and get feedback from my readers.

But, sometimes just sometimes, there are choices in life that limit our journey... However, that doesn't mean our aspirations have come to an end. We can make decisions to move past our limitations and that's exactly what I have been doing and will continue to do.

Here comes my transparent moment... You ready??? 

Its really hard to get past failures and even harder to forgive myself for giving up and failing. The lack of forgiveness that I have had with myself has really created tons of guilt and honestly hindered my progress. Has anyone been here? I'm my worst critic!!!  I admire those that can fail and just get up and try try again. The feeling of shame, embarrassment & self-doubt come rushing in when I fail like a ton of bricks and knock me right on my butt. I guess I've grown a bit, I am looking through a new lens and here is what I see:

Feeding into my feelings over failure has held me back tons. I have missed opportunities, and beat myself up about it. I have accomplished some but not all my goals. Yet all my failures have taught me "What not to do" and I have wasted time. 

Forgiving myself has given me freedom, and I can now move forward to trying again and accomplishing what I set out to do. Don't be so hard on myself, as there is plenty that I "Have" accomplished and although I have wasted time there is still plenty of time left. Learn from my failures and let them inspire me. There have been plenty that have failed but it just takes that one time to get it right... Get up & try try again...Many already see you for who you are trying to be.  It's never too late, to be who you truly are ♥

It's time to forgive yourself.:

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