Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Make it a Powerful Friendship

Everyone has their definition of what a friend is... But today I want to focus more on what builds a POWERFUL FRIENDSHIP. 

Now here comes my "Honesty spiel" I struggle with being a great friend. I tend to fall into the "Out of sight out of mind" concept and I honestly don't do it on purpose. This past year, I've really been focusing on myself and trying to learn as much about myself as possible. This was a clear area of where I struggle for various reasons. 

Recently, I started thinking more about my friends and their strengths and how they are better at being a "friend" than I am... (Faced my truth, it hurt) 

         Below are a few key things I observed, I admire in them and I will be doing my best to apply: 

         1. GOD... "The mister before the sister" their ability to be friends with others is a direct reflection of their relationship with God. (insert arrow straight to my heart)

        2. SHOW UP... Schedule a day with friends(we're constantly planning something).

        3. THE GIVER... Call or text, send a gift, plan a surprise, or just do something nice to let them know they matter.

        4. SPEAK IN LOVE... Give compliments (its not a competition), and remind them that they are loved.

        5. TELL THE TRUTH... I'm a strong believer of this... (Tell me when i'm wrong or right - maybe I need that outside perspective) But also make every effort to reconcile relationships that have been lost due to disagreements... Approach them with love, patience, & kindness. 

If you struggle with friendships on the same level as I do, maybe these 5 areas are a good place to start...

I've been blessed with some pretty amazing friends and I definitely don't want to lose them ♥ 

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