Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Shift of Focus

I love this. There's so much to be said about the history of a certain thing once its been worn out and beaten up a bit by time. Not to mention all the hands that have touched it and all the lives its seen. --J.:

There was a time in your life where you chased and longed for God's presence so profoundly... To the point that your bible became torn and marked up because your desire to know him was so deep... A time where everything about ministry excited you, and no one could stop you from telling others of the goodness of God. 

I hear so loudly in my ear "Where has it all gone? Where have you gone to? 

This was like a dagger to my heart, it was  a truth that no one wants to hear... Faking it like everything is great. But what was my void? My disconnect?

I let myself focus on what the people were doing, what I was hearing, what I was seeing. A lack of care, respect and love. I was blinded by all those characteristics that as humans we all display at one point or another. What I'm saying is I took my eyes off God and became DISTRACTED! It was not the people it, it was my shift in focus... 

Have you ever been distracted? We usually don't realize the small distractions until we are Full-Blown distracted and disconnected. 

How can we come out of this?

Shift your focus back to God, take time to isolate yourself and build your relationship again. Through prayer (be as honest w/Him as possible, don't hold anything back! This is actually really hard, because it brings you to some harsh realizations and some feelings we may not be comfortable feeling) Listen & Read his word!!!  

RECONNECT! Every life craves community or friendship and that doesn't make us weak or weird. We are actually designed to live in relationship with the one who made us. Let your need for interaction lead to action and invite others in, its not always someone else's responsibility. 

Begin by rebuilding with Him, take a risk this new year build a deep relationship with your creator and create community with those around you.♥

~Freckled Marie

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